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MAXIMUM Golf Winter School

MAXIMUM Golf is our proven, group-based golf training and conditioning program for every type of golfer. 

Our teaching philosophy is to use the principles of biomechanics to teach golfers how to improve their swing through a series of simple and easy-to-practice swing drills that can be used anywhere! Perfecting these swing drills will produce a consistent, repeatable golf swing that will maximize your game!

For the first time in the 33 years that we have offered our MAXIMUM Golf school we will be adding swing drills pertaining to the short game as well as the full swing.  This new addition will make this school a total MAXIMUM Golf program!

Each of our 6 indoor swing lessons will start with an updated stretching program. This includes improvements from the Roger Frederick's School as well as the MyTPI stretch program.

Our Instructional Program Includes:
  • How to hit off uneven lies (Golf Course Management)
  • Personal club fitting
  • How to buy golf equipment
  • Basic Rules and Etiquette
  • Ball Flight Laws
  • Open discussion

To register for this school, visit our registration page.

  • Six 1-hour biomechanical swing and ball striking lessons
  • Each student will receive a Personal Game Improvement Program
  • 4:1 Student to Teacher Ratio
  • Cost: $300.00+15.00GST=$315.00
  • New for 2015: A senior (55 years old plus) fee reduction. Discounted Cost: $260.00+13.00GST=$273.00

MAXIMUM Golf School Schedule